Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bulletin Board Makeover

I've had a plain cork bulletin board on my desk since this summer. I'd gotten the cheapest one I could find because I originally wanted to get all Pinterest with it and upholster it. I never did, but it was filled up with a calendar and postcards and so forth so I didn't really worry about it.

In comes the New Year,  I had yet to yet to get a new calendar and for the last nearly two months my bulletin board has looked pretty blah. Yesterday, I saw some cute Eiffel Tower push pins at TJ Maxx and was inspired to revamp my bulletin board.

I used dollar store wrapping paper (literally $1) and push pins I'd already had to recover the board (wrapping the paper around the back of the board and fastening it with the push pins). Then I spent a few minutes organizing postcards I already had of my favorite cities, and my favorite quote to have by my desk.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

Yesterday, my husband knocked on the door with two dozen roses...but they were not from him! My best friend and her girlfriend had sent me the flowers with a Valentine's Day note wishing us love on this special day.

For everyone who thinks Valentine's Day is created by the card industry, or miserable unless you have a special someone. Why not make it a day about celebrating whomever you love, and any and all special relationships in your life?

So next year, I challenger you to not just think of your significant other, but to send flowers to your best friend. It will make her day!

Taco Seasoning

I read on Pinterest that the Taco Seasoning that comes in the packs of shells is filled with preservatives (surprise, surprise!). So I adapted a recipe and made my own:

I used:
2T chili powder 
2T garlic and onion powder
1/2T ground cayenne
Couple shakes crushed red pepper

I combined it with 2/3 cup water and put it on the meat after it was browned. It absorbed well, and smelled and tasted delicious- save one thing: It was REALLY hot and spicy. I actually loved that, but I promised Mac I'd make it with less kick next time.